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Fire Sprinkler Services...

It is been proven that fire sprinklers save life and property. C.R Fireline designs, installs, maintains, and retrofits commercial, industrial, and residential types of automatic fire sprinkler systems.

C.R Fireline is a fully licensed and insured C-16 and C-lO contractor and complies with all NFPA standards, along with state and local requirements. Our fitters have the most up-to-date equipment and training. Fire sprinkler services include:

  • In-House Sprinkler Design Department
  • Service Fleet Equipped to Make Repairs on the Spot
  • Radio Dispatch Service Crews
  • Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual and 5-Year Inspections
  • Testing of Wet or Dry Standpipe Systems.
  • Sprinkler Systems Work Performed To NFPA-13 and 25 Standards
  • CPVC Plastic and Steel Pipe Repairs and Installations
  • Fire Hose Servicing
  • Certification of Fire Hydrants
  • Seven Annual Main Drain Tests

C.R. Firelines’s highly trained technicians provide 24-hour emergency response to service damage and or leaking sprinkler systems of all types.

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