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Fire Extinguisher Services...

C.R. Fireline sells and services portable fire extinguishers of all sizes, from small hand-held to large wheeled units. We are also proud to be an authorized distributor of Amerex Fire Extinguishers. Our knowledgeable technicians have specially designed vehicles that have environmentally friendly enclosed recovery systems for servicing extinguishers in the field. In addition, we have a fully equipped shop that provides the following services at our location:

  • Fire Extinguisher Servicing
  • Halon Recovery and Recharging
  • CO2 Recharging
  • Complete Hydro-Testing
  • High-Pressure Cylinder Testing to Department of Transportation Specification
  • All Our Technicians Licensed by the California State Fire Marshall's Office
  • Distributor of racing Nitrous Oxide
  • Ability to Hydro Test S.C.U .B.A. Cylinders and CO2 Tanks

Fire extinguishers are excellent tools for saving lives and protecting property by extinguishing small fires before they become large ones.

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