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Our Comprehensive Services...

C.R. Fireline is well trusted for our premium quality fire protection and safety work performed by highly trained, reliable service technicians. We boast a fleet of modern service vehicles equipped to meet the comprehensive service needs of customers from one fire extinguisher to multimillion dollar refineries, hospitals, and large-scale office complexes.

Our fire protection, inspectors, and safety experts C.R. Fireline specialize in many types of commercial and residential service and inspection jobs, including:

  • Title 19 Certifications/5-Year Inspections
  • Quarterly Maintenance Inspections
  • Fire Hose Servicing
  • Testing of Standpipe Systems
  • Sprinkler System Work Performed to NFPA-13 and 25 Standards
  • Underground Emergency Repair
  • Certification of Fire Hydrants
  • Underground Loop Service
  • Annual Main Drain Test
  • Underground Work Performed to NFPA-24 Standards

If you are a new building owner, or have recently moved into new office space, you may need to find out if your building complies with all rules and regulations. We are experts on compliance and can help ensure that your home or business is fire protected and safe.

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