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Our Company Facilities...

The ability to provide comprehensive fire protection services doesn't just happen. For over 27 years, C.R. Fireline has been developing the skills, manpower, inventory, facilities, and ability to supply quality products and service at reasonable prices. Our state-of-the-art facilities are the home to all divisions of the company – Inspection, Service & Maintenance, Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Systems, and the Underground Repairs Division. The facility is highlighted by the latest machinery and equipment, enabling our highly qualified technicians to perform the jobs of service and maintenance with modern technology.

C.R. Fireline’s facilities include these departments:

  • Service & Maintenance for Fire Protection Equipment
  • Fully Stocked Parts Department
  • In-House Design Department for Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Systems
  • Inspection, Service & Maintenance Dispatchers
  • Hydrostatic Test Shop
  • Administrative Offices

C.R. Fireline’s unique facilities enable us to provide comprehensive fire protection services to our customers with fast, reliable service by trained professional technicians.

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